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AICTE Free Courses For UPSC/IBPS/GATE E-Learning Online Registration

AICTE Free Courses For UPSC/IBPS/GATE E-Learning Online Registration: All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), India has launched 49 free online courses for exam preparations government and corporate jobs like UPSC, IBPS, GATE, UGC NET, Bank exams, Digital Marketing, Engineering exams and much more.

AICTE Free E-Learning Courses released @free.aicte-india.org for online exam preparation of UPSC/IBPS/GATE/UGC NET/Engineering jobs. These online courses will be available free of cost if candidates register on the AICTE website by 15th May 2020. In this article, we have shared the details of all the 49 free courses along with the details of key recruitment exams.

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AICTE Free Courses For UPSC/IBPS/GATE E-Learning Launched

AICTE Free Courses For UPSC/IBPS/GATE E-Learning Online Registration
AICTE Free Courses For UPSC/IBPS/GATE E-Learning Online Registration
Article Name AICTE Free Courses For UPSC/IBPS/GATE E-Learning Online Registration
Category Latest News
Name Of The Course UPSC/IBPS/GATE E-Learning Course
Name Of The Institution All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Total Courses 49
AICTE Free Online Courses Registration Date 2020 07th May to 15th May 2020
AICTE Courses Application Fee Free
Learning Mode Online
Status Released
Official Site http://free.aicte-india.org/

AICTE Free Online Courses

Students who are interested to enroll for AICTE Free Online courses can register for the same till 15th May, 2020. Different companies are conducting these AICTE Free Courses Online for helping the candidates Study at home during Coronavirus crisis.

Candidates should check below the registration process and courses details in order to pursue the desired course for free.

About AICTE: The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is the statutory body and a national-level council for technical education, under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development.

AICTE is responsible for proper planning and coordinated development of the technical education and management education system in India.

In order to enroll for a particular free course, candidates or students need to click on the respective course at free.aicte-india.org website, check details like description, requirements and about the company.

Once you get to know that you are eligible to apply for the respective course and you have the required infrastructure, you can go on to register for the course without any difficulty.

Last Date of Registration For Free Courses: 15th May 2020

AICTE Free Online Courses Registration

Here we have shared the step wise process to register online for the free courses offered by the AICTE to get recruitment in the desired government or corporate job:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website free.aicte-india.org.
  • Step 2: Click on the respective course you want to enroll for such as ‘Introduction to Banking’ or ‘Introduction to UPSC’ or ‘GATE Exam Preparation’ or ‘Digital Marketing’ and many such others.
  • Step 3: Go through the details such as Course Description, Requirements, Company’s details.
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Learn for Free’ or ‘Learn @1’ against the mentioned course.
  • Step 5: Enter all the required details mentioned on the registration form.
  • Step 6: Save the confirmation page.

Once you complete the registration process, you will start getting the details of the course on your registered e-mail ID or phone number.

Details of Major AICTE Free Courses

Course Name Conducting Company Name Registration Link
Introduction to Banking Career Launcher Group Click Here
Introduction to UPSC Career Launcher Group Click Here
GATE Exam Preparation Career Launcher Group Click Here
Digital Marketing Globsyn Knowledge Foundation Click Here
On-line Engineering Teaching Resources National Instruments Click Here

Benefits Of AICTE Free Online Courses

Here we have mentioned some benefits of Free Online Courses by AICTE:

  • The courses will enable candidates in boosting their preparation for jobs in sectors like banking, Civil Services, corporate, IT and others.
  • There are courses that help candidates improve their communication skills in English language, work on personality, and enable them to build job interview confidence.
  • For Gate exam preparation course, there are over 100 video lessons on all major topics of each field of engineering.
  • The “Introduction to UPSC” course makes the candidates learn the basic concepts of NCERT Books required to appear for Prelims or Mains exam.

Free Online Courses By Indian Government

Course Name Course Link
ProTeen http://free.aicte-india.org/proteen.php
Diploma in Machine Learning with R studio http://free.aicte-india.org/machine-learning-with-Rstudio.php
Machine Learning using Python http://free.aicte-india.org/machine-learning-using-python.php
Data Analytics using R http://free.aicte-india.org/data-analytics-using-R.php
IAAA: Certified Software Testing Professional – Functional Testing http://free.aicte-india.org/functional-testing.php
IAAA: Certified Agile Scrum Associate http://free.aicte-india.org/agile-scrum-associate.php
LEAP: Learning Excellence & Progression http://free.aicte-india.org/learning-excellence-and-progression.php
Big Data 101 http://free.aicte-india.org/BigData101.php
R Programming http://free.aicte-india.org/R-Programming.php
Java Programming http://free.aicte-india.org/Java-Programming.php
Data Science for Beginners/Python for Data Science http://free.aicte-india.org/Data-Science-for-Beginners.php
Programming Work Bench http://free.aicte-india.org/Programming-Work-Bench.php
Digital Marketing http://free.aicte-india.org/digital-marketing.php
MATLAB Onramp http://free.aicte-india.org/MATLAB-Onramp.php
Machine Learning Onramp http://free.aicte-india.org/Machine-Learning-Onramp.php
Deep Learning Onramp http://free.aicte-india.org/Deep-Learning-Onramp.php
AI/ML Internship http://free.aicte-india.org/AI-ML-Internship.php
Ekeeda http://free.aicte-india.org/Ekeeda.php
EnggOnline http://free.aicte-india.org/EnggOnline.php
Integrated Educational & Learning Program http://free.aicte-india.org/Integrated-Educational-and-Learning-Program.php
GUVI http://free.aicte-india.org/GUVI.php
Certified Full Stack Engineer http://free.aicte-india.org/CFSE.php
Mechanical Engineering Essentials Program http://free.aicte-india.org/Mechanical-Engineering-Essentials-Program.php
Performance Management & Competency Mapping http://free.aicte-india.org/performance-management-competency-mapping.php
Financial Management http://free.aicte-india.org/Financial-Management.php
Online Internship in Financial Analysis Basics http://free.aicte-india.org/online-internship-in-financial-analysis-basics.php
Online Internship in Investment Analysis Skills http://free.aicte-india.org/investment-analysis-skills.php
Great Learning Academy http://free.aicte-india.org/great-learning-academy.php
MTC E- learning management system http://free.aicte-india.org/MTCE-learning-management-system.php
Edulib http://free.aicte-india.org/Edulib.php
TickTalkTo http://free.aicte-india.org/ticktalkto.php
Study Skills Package http://free.aicte-india.org/study-skills-package.php#
Courses for Communication Skills and Interview Preparation http://free.aicte-india.org/communication-skills-and-interview-preparation.php
Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) http://free.aicte-india.org/virtual-robotics-toolkit.php
CAD using Autodesk Inventor http://free.aicte-india.org/autodesk-inventor.php
Xcelerator http://free.aicte-india.org/xcelerator.php
Statistics 101 http://free.aicte-india.org/Statistics101.php
Quanser’s Experience Controls App http://free.aicte-india.org/quansers-experience-controls-app.php
Structural and Foundation Analysis http://free.aicte-india.org/structural-and-foundation-analysis.php
Non-Scholastic Aptitude Test http://free.aicte-india.org/Non-Scholastic-Aptitude-Test.php
PracCamp http://free.aicte-india.org/PracCamp.php
GATE Exam Preparation http://free.aicte-india.org/GATE-Exam-Preparation.php
Introduction to Banking http://free.aicte-india.org/Introduction-to-Banking.php
Introduction to UPSC (NCERT Product) http://free.aicte-india.org/Introduction-to-UPSC.php
NI Online Training Resources http://free.aicte-india.org/NI-Online-Training-Resources.php
NI Badge Program http://free.aicte-india.org/NI-Badge-Program.php
On-line Engineering Teaching Resources http://free.aicte-india.org/On-line-Engineering-Teaching-Resources.php
Ultra-concurrent Remote laboratory http://free.aicte-india.org/Ultra-concurrent-Remote-laboratory.php
Emona Remote Lab Experiments in Electronics & Telecommunications http://free.aicte-india.org/Emona-Remote-Lab-Experiments-in-Electronics-and-Telecommunications.php

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AICTE Free Online Courses During Lockdown FAQs

How many free courses are offered by AICTE?
Ans. – AICTE has offered 49+ free online courses for UPSC, IBPS, GATE, Digital Marketing and others.

Is there any application fee chargeable for AICTE Courses?
Ans. – The AICTE courses are totally free If the candidates registered on their site before 15th May 2020.

How do I know if a course is approved by Aicte?
Ans. – Go to the aicte website , enter the id or unique number of that institute in aicte portal and find it out ! where you can just select your state,district etc and can find your college and approved courses in it.

How can I get AICTE certificate?
Ans. – Login to AICTE web portal (http://www.aicte-india.org) with authorized User ID and Pass word and Click on “Apply for 2017-2018” button. Step-2. Answer the following questions: Q-1. Do you wish to apply for Only EOA with or without Editing?

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