RRB Group D General Science Questions In Hindi PDF

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RRB Group D General Science Questions In Hindi PDF

This post will cover the General Science Questions Asked In RRB Group D Exams. RRB Group D General Science Questions In Hindi is available here to download in PDF format. Candidates who are preparing for Railway Recruitment 2019-20 like RRB NTPC & RRC Group D Exams can use this PDF to boost their preparation of General Science section.

This PDF of RRB Group D General Science Questions In Hindi contains more than 200 Science one liner questions asked in RRB Group D Exams 2018 which was held in December 2018. The question level of RRB Group D Exam 2018 is mentioned below

  • RRB Group D Exam 2018 was easier than RRB ALP Technician Exam 2018.
  • General Science Section was easy to moderate level in difficulty.
  • Students faced some difficulty in Physics and Chemistry Questions.

RRB Group D General Science Questions 2018 PDF

The most common and Important topics that were asked in RRB Group D 2018 Exam were :

SI UnitsPeriodic TableChemical Equations
General PhysicsChemical FormulasHuman Anatomy
  • SI units were asked in almost all shifts of the exam.
  • Human Anatomy questions were a bit tricky & were asked indirectly.
  • Candidates must prepare Chemical Formulas & Equations thoroughly, as they are asked very frequently by all exams conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board.
  • Questions asked in Physics were relatively simple to answer.

General Science Questions asked in RRB Group D 2018 Exam

Some questions asked in the RRB Group D Exam have been listed here, you can also download the RRB Group D GS Questions PDF in Hindi, from the link mentioned below.

Q. Which of the following is the element from the 4th group? Titanium (Ti)Zirconium (Zr), Hafnium (Hf) and Rutherfordium (Rf)

A. Titanium (Ti)

Q. What is the formula of the Plaster of Paris? 

A. CaSO4. 2H2O

Q. What is the Chemical formula of Baking Soda?


Q.Which hormone decides Male or Female? 

A. Male mammals typically have an X and a Y chromosome (XY), while female mammals typically have two X chromosomes (XX)

Q.CaSO4 + Zn =??

A. Zn + CaSo4 = ZnSo4 + Ca

Q.Which catalyst is used in Hydrogenation? 

A.Catalyst such as nickel, palladium or platinum.

Q. What is the SI unit of Energy?

A. Joule

Q.How many elements were there in Mendeleev’s table? 

A- 118 Elements

Q.Which gas forms in the reaction of Hydrocarbon with water?

A- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Q. What is the formula of Hard Water?

A. D₂O

Q.What is the pH value of blood? 

A- PH value of blood is 7.35

Railway Exam Study Materials PDF

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Benefits Of Reading RRB Group D General Science One Liners

  • You will be able to know the Question level of RRB Group D Exam 2018
  • Railway often repeats previous year questions. So there is a strong chance of repeation of General Science Questions in upcoming Railway Exams 2019.
  • There will be 40 General Science & Knowledge questions in RRB NTPC Exams. So this pdf will help you to prepare for this section.
  • The given PDF covers more than 200 previous year science questions asked in Railway Exams.
  • This PDF is also Important for SSC exams as well as other sarkari exams.

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Download 200+ RRB Group D GS Questions 2018 IN Hindi PDF

Conclusion – RRB Group D General Science Questions In Hindi PDF will help aspirants who want to cover the General Science questions for upcoming Railway Recruitment Exams as well as other competitive exams.

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