SSC CHSL Memory Based Question Paper PDF 2021 All Shifts

SSC CHSL Memory Based Question Paper PDF 2021 All Shifts: Candidates who are going to appear for SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exams 2020 can check the SSC CHSL Memory Based Paper 2021 PDF from here. The Exam has been scheduled from 12th April 2021 to 27th April 2021. SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2021 is also Important for aspirants.

There is a huge competition because almost 38 lakhs candidates have applied for SSC CHSL Recruitment 2020. SSC has already released the CHSL Tier 1 Admit Card 20201 on 08 April 2021. You can download your admit card 4 days prior to your exam. In this article, we have shared SSC CHSL Question Paper 2021 PDF in Hindi and English language.

SSC CHSL Memory Based Question Paper PDF: Highlights

Name Of The ExamSSC CHSL Tier 1 Exams 2020
Name Of The OrganizationStaff Selection Commission
Exam LevelNational Level Competitive Exam
Exam ModeComputer Based Test
SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Date 202112th April to 26th April 2021 and
21st & 22nd May 2021 (only for candidates who have opted for examination centers in West Bengal)
Total Shifts3 shifts daily
Total Questions100
Total Marks200
Negative Marking0.50 marks
Time Duration60 minutes

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Memory Based Paper 2021 PDF

SSC CHSL 12th April 2021 Asked Questions

  • Which soil is useful for Cashew nuts?
    Ans: (Sandy loam)
  • World’s largest floating solar park is situated in?
    Ans: Omkareshwar Dam on Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh
  • World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated on?
    Ans: 24 March
  • Which batsman played maximum test matches?
    Ans: Sachin Tendulkar
  • Recently which bank launched contactless Rupay payment cards with NPCI?
    Ans: Central bank of India
  • ‘Pathway to god’ writer?
    Ans: Mahatma Gandhi
  • According to the census 2011 highest literacy rate district?
    Ans: Serchhip district, Mizoram – 97.91%
  • Which of the following is nearby the Saryu river?
    Ans: Ayodhya
  • Birdie, eagle, and albatross are related to which sports?
    Ans- Golf
  • Which soil has less water holding capacity?
    Ans. Sandy soil
  • Who is the current rural development minister of India? Ans – Narender Singh Tomar
    (Minister of Rural Development, Agriculture and Farmers Welfare & Panchayati Raj)
  • What is the chemical formula of Blue Vitriol?
    Ans- CuSO4, Copper(II) sulfate, also known as copper sulfate
  • Who is the recently appointed deputy Election Commissioner of India?
    Ans: Mr. Umesh Sinha (other two – Sudeep Jain and Chandra Bhushan Kumar)
  • Which city is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna?
    Ans: Delhi
  • Who is the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court?
    Ans: Justice Hima Kohli
  • Champaran Satyagrah occurred in which year?
    Ans: 19 April 1917, Champaran District of Bihar
  • What is the Scientific name of Vitamin C?
    Ans: Ascorbic Acid
  • Gandhi Sagar Dam is situated in ________?
    Ans: On Chambal river, Neemach district (M.P)
  • What is the Scientific name of Potato?
    Ans: Solanum tuberosum
  • Who is known as Napoleon of India?
    Ans- Samudragupta
  • Who proposed Cell theory?
    Ans: Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann proposed the cell theory.
  • India’s position in the Global Hunger Index 2020?
    Ans: 94th position among 107 countries
  • When did Swami Vivekananda start the Ramakrishna mission?
    Ans- 1897
  • Landlocked countries in South America?
    Ans: Two countries that are landlocked: Bolivia and Paraguay.
  • Article 72 is related to?
    Ans: Pardoning Powers of President
  • The red pigment in onions due to the presence of?
    Ans: Anthocyanins
  • Pamban island is situated in which state of India?
    Ans: Tamil Nadu
  • Who is the Chief vigilance commissioner of India?
    Ans: Sanjay Kothari
  • Which article is related to enforcement of Fundamental Rights by the Supreme Court?
    Ans: Articles 32
  • Who was not the ruler of the Kushana Dynasty?
    Ans: Famous rulers of the Kushana dynasty are: Kujula Kadphises, Vima Kadphises, Kanishka I
  • Renuka lake is located in which state?
    Ans: Himachal Pradesh (Renuka lake is situated in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh)
  • Who was the first Indian woman who won the Olympic medal in wrestling?
    Ans: Sakshi Malik
  • Who founded the city of Murshidabad?
    Ans: Akbar
  • What is UBUNTU?
    Ans: Operating system
  • Who won the bronze medal in weightlifting in Sydney Olympics 2000?
    Ans: Karnam Malleswari (she captured the Bronze medal in Weightlifting at 2000 Sydney Olympic games. She became the first woman to win the medal in Olympics).
  • Who was conferred with the title of ‘Sardar’ in Bardoli satyagraha?
    Ans: Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
  • Who is the author of the book ‘Amnesty’?
    Ans: Aravind Adiga
  • ‘Who lives if India dies’ is the slogan given by whom?
    Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru
  • What is the scientific name for Potato?
    Ans. Solanum tuberosum
  • Which law gives the definition of force?
    Ans. Newton’s first law of motion
  • ‘Hang’ is the term related to?
    Ans. Computer
  • Law commission established in which year?
    Ans: 1955 in Independent India. First Law commission established in 1834 under the Charter Act of 1833 under the Chairmanship of Lord Macaulay
  • In which state road connectivity is done for char Dham?
    Ans: Uttarakhand
  • India’s first satellite?
    Ans: Aryabhataa, 19 April 1975.
  • Sardar Sarovar Dam is built on which river?
    Ans: Narmada river, Gujarat
  • Which of the following waterfalls is in Jharkhand?
    Ans: Hundru Falls on Subarnarekha River
  • India’s first Firepark is in which state?
    Ans: Odisha
  • Who among the following is awarded the best umpire by ICC in 2020?
    Ans: Nitin Menon
  • President rule imposed in Kerala according to which article?
    Ans: Article 356
  • FICCI was established in which year?
    Ans: 1927
  • Leprosy is caused by which bacteria?
    Ans: Mycobacterium leprae
  • What is the tenure of the UPSC chairman?
    Ans: 6 years
  • Who discovered the cell?
    Ans: Robert Hooke
  • Who secured the fourth position in the Dhaka Marathon 2021?
    Ans: Jigmet Dolma from India secured the fourth position in the Dhaka Marathon 2021
  • Who was the Mughal empire during the 1857 revolt?
    Ans: Bahādur Shah II
  • Which IIT is first in Ranking in 2020?
    Ans: IIT Madras
  • ELISA test is-
    Ans: A test that detects and measures antibodies in the blood.
  • Article 61 is related to?
    Ans: Procedure for impeachment of the President
  • What is the full form of URL?
    Ans: Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
  • World Water Day?
    Ans: 22 March
  • Which river is known as the Sorrow of Bihar?
    Ans: Kosi
  • What is the total literacy of India according to census 2011?
    Ans: 74.04 percent, 82.14 for males and 65.46 for females.

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Why Should I Practice this SSC CHSL Tier I Memory Based Paper 2021?

Candidates who are all set to crack the SSC CHSL exam this year should practice the SSC CHSL Tier I Memory Based Question Paper to ease their preparation for the SSC CHSL 2021.

Have a look at the points below to know the benefits of solving the practice question paper:

  • You will get a real-time experience of the SSC CHSL Exam by solving the memory-based test of SSC CHSL.
  • It will help candidates to build up mental stamina and boost up their confidence.
  • Evaluate your preparation for the exam through this test with the prompt response and detailed explanation provided by the experts.
  • It will help analyze your weaker and stronger sections and help them work on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What was the difficulty level of the overall CHSL Tier I 2020-21?
Ans. – As per the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis, the difficulty level of the CHSL 2020-21 exam was between easy to moderate.

Q. How many total shifts are there in the SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam?
Ans. – The Tier 1 exam is being conducted in a total of 3 shifts.

Q. What are the Good Attempts for SSC CHSL 2020 Tier-1 exam?
Ans. – Tier I of the SSC CHSL Exam asks 100 questions in total and the average number of good attempts out of 100 questions can be somewhere between 74 to 81.

Q. From where can I download SSC CHSL Memory Based Questions Paper 2021 PDF?
Ans. – You can download It from the link given in this article.

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