3 thoughts on “What Is Unfair Means (UFM) In SSC Exams? Complete Details

  1. SSC UFM:
    It is gathered from various comments published on YouTube platform that some candidates of CHSL 2018 as well as CGL 2018, who are also themselves running their own YouTube Channels on various SSC Exams, have been leading the so called movement against the SSC’s “Arbitrary Rule” inciting all SSC aspirants to go against it. I appeal to the SSC Administration to kindly investigate into the matter taking into account the aforesaid facts so that candidates obediently complied with the Commission’s instructions in toto are in no way victimized. The Inquiring/Reviewing Committee may also please especially find out the “Reasons” as to why “handful” of candidates are finding it difficult to adhere to the SSC UFM Rule, more so, the “Real or Imaginary” Rule which is seemingly not at all as ambiguous as allegedly claimed by this #Tag movement leadership group. May GOD bless All.

  2. SSC UFM IN CHSL, 2018:
    Qualified :87%
    Disqualified :13%
    The SSC UFM issue has been blown out of proportion. Instead of trying to change the SSC Headed by a Sr. IAS Officer of repute ( DoP & T Ministry, Govt of India), I think the Online Teachers should properly guide its paid students in particular & other aspirants in general to “always” comply strictly with the instructions, no matter what, given by the Recruiting Organisations for their own advantage. Candidates may commit mistakes, everyone does so to speak, but it should be realised and admitted of having done so. That’s something really needed at this juncture. Once selected and employed, these vibrant youth are going to be an integral part of the huge Administration of the Union Govt. Needless to say that the would-be employers obviously will embrace really honest, intelligent, obedient, disciplined & truly truthful candidates who are likely to become the assets of their respective departments. Having said that it is hoped that the status of those candidates since put on record by SSC and also who didn’t defy the instructions of the SSC in any manner whatsoever is NOT COMPROMISED at any cost. It is prayed that everything falls in place. Thanks & regards. May God Bless All!

  3. Out of lakhs of candidates across the country, SSC has to pick the Best of the Best candidates, in all respects, after a 3-tier process. Needless to say that it’s a herculean task for any Recruiting Organisations including Giant SSC to select only a few candidates out of lakhs of meritorious candidates! Like it or not but a little mistake, a little carelessness at tier-2 stage may make things a ‘total mess’! In these days of cut throat competition in different Competitive Exams conducted at various levels by State & Central Govts across the country, obviously candidates are likely to have tougher times than ever before. So they must be very careful & confine & strictly stick only to the instructions given in the Question, no matter what, by SSC or any Recruiting Organisations, for that matter. Candidates shouldn’t write ABC, 123, or XYZ unless the situation so warrants. Otherwise, they should write only the Given Name(s) & Address in the Question & nothing more or less. Candidates should not bother at all if the Given Address is Incomplete or Incorrect. From the present scenario & going by the past bitter experiences about cheating cases in various exam centres, it is evident that the SSC Administration has, this time, come out strongly and done Multiple Layers of Checking & Cross-checking of Answer Sheets carefully probably in order to CHECK & STOP all possible dimensions of Corruption, Cheating, Unfair Means hitherto adopted strategically in various exams by unscrupulous group or groups of people – the Modus Operandi of Cheaters. Having said that it is hoped that those candidates who didn’t defy the the SSC’s instructions in any manner get complete and undeniable justice. Thanks & regards to all concerned.

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