2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download Most Repeated

2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download Most Repeated

Download 2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF: The Hindu newspaper is treated like a holy book by the aspirants of different competitive exams like SSC, Banking, UPSC and other exams. 2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF is available here to Download.

Toppers and experts suggest aspirants to read The Hindu Editorial section and note down the Important vocabulary to enhance It.

In this article we are going to provide you 2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF with list of difficult worlds from The Hindu Editorials PDF of last three years i.e 2016, 2017 and 2018.

This PDF will be a panacea for your English Vocabulary section like synonyms, antonyms, one word substitution, idioms and phrases, fillers, cloze test, homonyms, Reading comprehension, parajumble and sentence Improvement.

Most Repeated 2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download

We have already provided you two PDF compilation of The Hindu Vocabulary i.e Last 12 Months The Hindu Vocabulary PDF & Last 6 Months The Hindu Vocabulary PDF. You can download both these files from ‘Study Materials‘ section of our site.

2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download Most Repeated
2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download Most Repeated

Here we have shared some details about Most Repeated 2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF in the table given below:

Article Name2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download Most Repeated
CategoryStudy Materials
Exams CoveredRBI, SBI, IBPS, LIC, FCI, SSC, UPSC and Others
SubjectEnglish Vocabulary
SourceDaily The Hindu Editorials
Compiled Bywww.examstocks.com
Total Words2000+
LanguageEnglish + Hindi
Official Websitehttps://www.examstocks.com/

This PDF will solve your following problems:

  1. Complete basic words learning.
  2. Enhance your English Vocabulary
  3. Panacea for Hindi Medium Students
  4. You will be more efficient in English Language & Reading Comprehension.
  5. You can score 100% in comprehension topics like:
    • Passage
    • Cloze Test
    • Word Problems
    • Parajumble
    • Fillers
    • Sentence Improvement

[1] Weighty (Adjective) – प्रभावपूर्ण

Meaning: of great seriousness and importance

Synonyms: Influential, heavy, thick, bulky

Antonyms: light, unserious

Usage: He threw off all weighty considerations of state

[2] Revelation (Noun) – रहस्योद्घाटन

Meaning: a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others.

Synonyms: disclosure, surprising fact, divulgence

Antonyms: keeping, concealment, covers

Usage: “revelations about his personal life”

[3] Expeditious (Adjective) – शीघ्र

Meaning: done with speed and efficiency.

Synonyms: speedy, swift, quick

Antonyms: slow

Usage: “an expeditious investigation”

[4] Unequivocal (Adjective) – असंदिग्ध

Meaning: leaving no doubt; unambiguous.

Synonyms: unambiguous, unmistakable, indisputable

Antonyms: equivocal, ambiguous, vague

Usage: “an unequivocal answer”

[5] Abolition (Noun) – उन्मूलन, समाप्ति

Meaning: The act of officially ending or stopping something.

Synonyms: eradication, ending, elimination

Antonyms: approval, restoration, validation

Usage: Calls for the abolition of the death penalty

[6] Expedite (Verb) – शीघ्रता करना

Meaning: make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.

Synonyms: speed up, accelerate, hurry

Antonyms: delay, hinder

Usage: “he promised to expedite economic reforms”

[7] Opacity (Noun) – अपारदर्शिता

Meaning: the quality of lacking transparency or translucence.

Synonyms: opaqueness, non-transparency, lack of transparency

Antonyms: transparency, translucence, clarity

Usage: “thinner paints need black added to increase opacity”

[8] Cohesion (Noun) – एकजुटता

Meaning: the action or fact of forming a united whole.

Synonyms: unity, togetherness, solidarity

Antonyms: division, disunity, dividedness

Usage: “the work at present lacks cohesion”

[9] Benign (Adjective) – सौम्य

Meaning: gentle and kind.

Synonyms: kindly, kind, warm-hearted

Antonyms: unfriendly, hostile

Usage: “his benign but firm manner”

[10] Intriguing (Verb) – जिज्ञासा या रुचि जगाना

Meaning: arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate.

Synonyms: interest, be of interest to, fascinate

Antonyms: bore

Usage: “I was intrigued by your question”

2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Covers

2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download Most Repeated
The Hindu Vocabulary Book PDF

This PDF covers following things:

  • 2000+ Vocab Words From Daily The Hindu Newspaper.
  • Words with explanation in English & Hindi.
  • Covers New One Word Substitutions.
  • Appropriate synonyms of the words.
  • Almost 4500+ Words because of explanation and synonyms.
  • Some usage of words in sentence examples.

English Vocabulary Pdf For Competitive Exams

The English Vocabulary Pdf For Competitive Exams along with antonyms, synonyms and example sentence will held you in gaining confidence in attempting the English section.

The English section is very scoring and if your vocabulary is good, you can get some easy marks which will help your overall score in competitive exams.

Also, it will benefit you throughout your life in conversation and reading. This will help you in one word substitution, reading comprehension and English descriptive paper.

We would suggest you to download this PDF and practice 30 words daily to Improve your vocabulary.

To help you to score better in English section of any competitive exams. We have already shared 100+ Golden Grammar Rules PDF which will help you in your preparation of English Grammar Section.

Download 2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF

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